Before seeing a psychologist it may be helpful to discuss your difficulties with your GP, to address or rule out any underlying medical reasons for your problems. Some medical conditions present with psychological features e.g. thyroid abnormalities, and it is useful to address these causes before anything else.

You will probably find that the experience of psychological treatment varies from person to person. Broadly speaking, the first few sessions are in depth assessment sessions. At these meetings your clinician will interview you and perhaps give you some questionnaires to complete, for you and your therapist to get to know each other and build up a detailed understanding of the difficulties you are experiencing, in the context of your journey through life.

We Currently have 2 Psychologists. Brenda Atkinson and Elaine Swift, to find out more about their services please contact them using the details below:-

Brenda Atkinson

Day: 07800549367

Evening: 01204 847713




Elaine Swift

Day: 07840834266

Evening: 01204 491328